International Offices
Our expanding network of international offices enables us to provide our clients with long-term local support, as well as access to cutting-edge thinking from around the world.
• One of the first to establish permanent international offices
• Offices in Asia, Africa and the UK
• OPM Islamabad was our first International office
• OPM has carried out more than 20 major projects in Pakistan
• We have more than 25 years’ experience in India
• OPM New Delhi was established in 2009
• Clients range from DFID and UNICEF to the World Bank
• Recent projects carried out by OPM Pretoria include:
• Sustainable financing for AIDS in Swaziland
• Financial inclusion initiatives for clients such as the Finmark Trust
• All our offices are globally networked
• Ensures best practice is shared among our offices
• Enables us to cross-fertilise new ideas and approaches
• OPM Dhaka opened in 2011
• We have facilitated results-based management at Bangladesh’s Dept of Education
• We have assisted Bangladesh’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

OPM Africa

OPM has worked in nealy 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, from Kenya and Nigeria to Rwanda and South Africa.

OPM Asia

From pioneering surveys in Pakistan to capacity-building in Cambodia, we have been operating in Asia for more than 20 years.

OPM Europe & CIS

We’ve helped clients in both the public and private sector find sustainable solutions to complex issues in countries as diverse as Kazakhstan, Serbia and the UK.