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• How can the real impacts of government policies be measured?
• Hedonic methods for price statistics could hold the answer
• See our research paper on ‘Non-market hedonics’
• How can cash transfers be targeted effectively at the poorest?
• Read our latest Briefing Note on this issue.
• Or see how we addressed this question in Moldova
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Development Futures: Development Futures papers propose innovative, ‘cage-rattling’ solutions to major, long-term problems that cut across different sectors and different countries, such as the failure of capacity building to deliver sustainable results.
Briefing Notes: Briefing Notes use evidence from OPM’s projects and analytical work to recommend new and practical solutions to common problems faced by other countries. For example, what are the most effective channels for delivering cash transfers in different circumstances?
Working Papers: Our Working Papers provide a forum for exploring and developing new ideas; they draw on contributions from across the organisation and evolve with the wider debate.
Reports: Reports analyse the development implications of global and regional trends in major fields such as health and extractive industries, based on new data or new combinations of existing data.
In Focus: Our In Focus papers summarise the services provided by each of our teams and evidence this work with examples of a range of projects.