Strengthening budget transparency
Pakistan’s budget transparency and accountability has increased significantly since 2010, according to the International Budget Partnership’s (IBP) latest Open Budget Survey, the only independent, global survey of budget transparency and accountability of its kind. 

In 2012, Pakistan scored 58 out of 100 points in the survey’s Open Budget Index, a 50% improvement on its 2010 score of 38. Pakistan’s global ranking in the OBI improved to 29th out of 98 countries surveyed by the IBP in 2012, compared to 56th in 2010. IBP attributed a significant part of the advance to the medium-term budget framework reforms that were supported by OPM and funded by DFID from 2003 to 2011.

The survey report, which was released on 23 January 2013, indicates that presentation of the 'Green Book' in Parliament, together with the annual budget, has increased the comprehensiveness of the budget manifolds. The 'Green Book' provides policy priorities, performance definition, and budget by services to be delivered over the next three years. 

“Transparency is one of our most powerful weapons against corruption, waste and bad governance, providing the basis on which people can hold their politicians to account and demand change where change is needed,” commented Justine Greening, UK International Development Secretary. “The International Budget Partnership, through the Open Budget Survey, highlights some good examples of progress that show what can be done, but it also demonstrates how poorly many governments perform on budget transparency.”

Further information about OPM’s work on Pakistan’s medium-term budget framework (MTBF), and its Green Book, can be found by clicking on the project link below. Additional papers exploring MTBF reforms can be obtained via the following links.