Video - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Reform Programme
OPM has been implementing a large governance reform programme supporting the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan. The project has delivered significant advances, some of which have recently been documented in a short film.

A major achievement of the programme has been the design and rollout of output-based budgeting across all 32 departments of the government, and in two pilot districts. This reform builds stronger accountability into the budget process by incorporating beneficiary input into the budget design process, and by linking resources more closely to agreed service delivery targets and indicators.

An M&E framework has also been designed and implemented, to report on policy and budget implementation. The framework monitors the policies and plans of the provincial government, the budget, and the execution of the Annual Development Plan.

Complex reforms have been piloted in a deliberately investigative and exploratory manner - for example, the gradual step-wise roll-out of the performance budgeting system, with continuous monitoring of process as well as progress.

Change has been promoted through ‘learning-by-doing’, involving seminars and participatory learning from experience, as a basis for designing new procedures and permanent systems for better management. This has ensured that new systems not only deliver technically, but are also based on the administrative history, methods, culture and capacities of the government - thereby improving the sustainability of reforms.