People & partners

Andy Bilson

Associate Consultant

From 1997 to 2001 Andy was director of the Centre for Europe’s Children which was the Council of Europe’s and UNICEF’s observatory on European children’s rights. He was also director of the Asia Europe Meeting’s child welfare observatory helping law enforcement agencies and NGOs to exchange information to combat sex tourism. He is associate director of the Centre for Children’s Participation at UCLan and an adjunct professor at the University of Western Australia.

He has been involved in developing and managing social work with adults and children in many posts in the UK including Assistant Director in Fife Social Work Department and Assistant Director of Action for Children in Wales. He has undertaken research and consultancy in social work in the UK and many other countries including advising the Latvian government on the development of its welfare laws; advising on the establishment of social care services in Ukraine; developing a strategic plan for the national Department for Child Protection in Kyrgyzstan; developing a model for local planning of children’s services in Tajikistan; advising on social work development in Bulgaria; and many more.

He recently was a senior researcher in the evaluation for the Ministry of Education of the national social work practices project in England which were pilots of new models of organisations to provide social work for children and has carried out a review of social work in medium and low income countries.

His current work includes research into Child Protection in Australia and developing a toolkit for improving social work for Family for Every Child members ABTH in Brazil and Muhammadiyah in Indonesia. He has recently developed a draft policy for social care services in Uganda. He is also providing support through a long term consultancy to the Bulgarian government in undertaking its plans to close large institutions and strengthen social work and community services.