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Ingo Outes

Associate Consultant

Ingo is a British Academy postdoctoral fellow at the Economics Department and an affiliate of the Centre for the Study of African Economies, both at the University of Oxford. He previously held a Research Officer position at Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford. Ingo holds an MSc in Economics for Development from Oxford University and an MSc in Global Market Economics from the London School of Economics. His research explores the impact of imperfect credit and insurance markets on household and individual decision making in middle and low income economies. Three main areas underpin his research: risk and insurance, early child development and poverty dynamics. Much of this work uses longitudinal data from individuals and households, including data from the Young Lives project, the ERHS sample from Ethiopia and ICRISAT from India. More recently, Ingo has become involved in a number of projects that combine randomised control trials and framed field experiments with survey data.