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John Channon

Associate Consultant

John Channon is a senior economist with over 20 years' experience in public finance management (PFM). His work has covered all aspects of project management, including working as Leader of the PFM portfolio at OPM and as team leader on a number of major assignments. He has worked with most major international finance institutions (both multilateral and bilateral) on a wide range of projects. These have included general aspects of PFM, as well as on specific PFM components, individual sector strategies and sector medium term expenditure frameworks (MTEFs) (including social protection, health, education, agriculture), PFM assessments (including performance evaluation reports, public expenditure tracking surveys and donor appraisals for budget support) and PFM training (both on-the-job and through workshops and seminars). In relation to work on the improvement of budget preparation and budgetary processes, his experience covers strategic (policy-based) budgeting, attempting to achieve closer linkages and alignment between policy and budget and focusing on the various phases in the development of MTEFs, medium-term budgetary frameworks and national and sectoral prioritisation and costing. Much of his work has included linking public expenditure to priorities within national poverty reduction strategies or country medium-term growth strategies (based on Poverty-Reduction Strategy Papers), to assist the achievement of pro-poor objectives. He is familiar with UNICEF projects and procedures (including in his role as Project Director for a UNICEF project concerned with training in social budgeting) and he has worked extensively in the CIS, central Europe and the Balkans. In Armenia, Moldova and Tajikistan, for instance, he has undertaken several assignments with the EC to assess the impact of the earlier budget support programme on the social-protection sector (including attempts at deinstitutionalisation). More recently, in Montenegro, he was team leader on a project working to establish an initial MTEF as the country became and independent state. John is able to work in Russian and to a lesser extent Montenegrin.