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Chris Hearle


Chris is a Social Development Consultant, with an interest in mainstreaming gender, inclusion and equity concerns across OPM’s portfolio of work. He is particularly interested in using qualitative methods and participatory approaches that privilege the voices of the most marginalised and vulnerable. He is currently the Gender and Social Inclusion expert of the three-year evaluation of the Trade Mark East Africa programme for DFID, and he is working on the evaluation of the DFID’s Hunger Safety Net Programme to understand the impacts of a cash transfer in northern Kenya.

Prior to joining OPM, he worked at the International Labour Organisation where he researched the nexus between formal and informal work for women and girls and the gender pay gap, both in Vietnam. He also has three and a half years of experience in Cambodia, coordinating projects funded by the ADB, World Bank, PATH, UN-HABITAT and UNDP. Chris received his MPhil in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge and a BA in Human Geography from the University of Southampton. Chris’ BA thesis drew upon research carried out over a three-month period in rural South Africa, which culminated in a co-publication in the Oxford Development Studies Journal (lead author).