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Chris Rayment

Portfolio Manager, Social Care Services

Chris Rayment is a Consultant in OPM’s social care services team. With a background in the NGO sector, he is an experienced project manager and technical advisor specialising in child protection and social care for children and families. In 2010, he managed and supported an institutional capacity assessment of the Department of Social Services in Zimbabwe (for UNICEF) and between 2009 and early 2013 he managed a complex EU-funded project supporting the government of the Republic of Tajikistan with the on-going modernisation of social care service delivery. Key components of the project in Tajikistan included the development and piloting of a practical service planning and monitoring model and support to the development and implementation of a system for the professional training and education of mid-level social work and social care practitioners. Chris is currently overseeing a two-year programme of EU-funded technical assistance to the government of Croatia supporting a process for the transformation of residential social care institutions and the parallel development of more appropriate community based social services. Outside of OPM, Chris has just finished a term as a member of the governing Board of the International Foster Care Organisation and is an Advisory Group Member for the UNICEF-supported Better Care Network.