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Fred Merttens

Senior Consultant

Fred Merttens is a senior consultant to Oxford Policy Management’s Social Policy Programme. He specialises in the evaluation of social protection, social policy, and poverty reduction programmes. His areas of expertise include quantitative and qualitative research, survey design and management, and M&E. He has worked for a range of donor, government, and NGO clients in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, including DFID, UNICEF, SIDA, ADB and the World Bank. Currently Fred is managing an evaluation of the second phase of the Kenya Hunger Safety Net Programme (HSNP), having previously managed the M&E component of the HSNP pilot phase. He is also managing the evaluation of the Uganda Social Assistance Grants for Empowerment (SAGE) Programme. He has also been involved in a number of other large-scale evaluations of social protection programmes in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond, including the Kenya CT-OVC, the Lesotho Child Grant Programme, and the BOTA Conditional Cash Transfer programme in Kazakhstan. These projects have all involved implementing large quantitative household surveys and mixed methods research approaches in complex environments. Fred has a large array of experience from a number of different projects and contexts, performing a variety of managerial, analytical and research roles. These include: a performance indicators update and impact assessment of the Rural Sector Support Programme in Rwanda; supporting the development of Social Protection Strategies for UNICEF in Mozambique and Algiers; conducting a targeting review for the Yemen Social Development Fund; a situation analysis of children and women in Egypt for UNICEF; and an evaluation of the World Bank’s Fast Track Initiative in Education.