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Rogério de Sá


Rogério de Sá is a public financial management specialist with a particular interest in macroeconomic modelling in commodity-dependent low-income countries. He has experience working in development planning and financing strategies, public sector budgeting, PFM diagnostic analysis, macroeconomic modelling and political economy analysis. Rogério recently completed an ODI Fellowship with the Ministry of Finance of Timor-Leste and the Ministry of Finance and Planning of Zanzibar where he developed a macro-fiscal framework to inform budget planning, drafted a fiscal reform strategy and completed an intersectoral 5-year development strategy. He also assisted the Government of Timor in negotiations of grants and loans with the World Bank and the IMF. Prior to this Fellowship, he worked as a research assistant in macroeconomics and health financing to the University of Pompey Fabra in Barcelona. He is also a freelance contributor to the Financial Times, writing about macroeconomic and fiscal trends in Lusophone Africa.