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Stephanie Allan


Stephanie Allan is Public Financial Management specialist with proven expertise in strengthening PFM systems and capacity, in centre of Government institutions and an array of sectors and in relation to cross-sectoral issues. She has delivered high quality inputs on a range of PFM programmes, studies and evaluations, including: support to PFM reform in the Ministry of Social Welfare in Myanmar (UNICEF); an analysis of how governments in East Asia and the Pacific region address equity in their PFM systems (UNICEF); development of a climate change financing framework in Assam, India (CPGD) (DFID) inputs to long term PFM and governance reform programme in Pakistan (SNG) (DFID) : the 2015 Budget Practices and Procedures Survey (CABRI), and designing of a Financial Benchmark for public expenditure on Child Protection (UNICEF). Previously, Stephanie has provided long-term, embedded technical assistance to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning in South Sudan, where she supported the annual planning and budgeting process, and built national capacity in the negotiation of aid programmes and management of ODA flows. Stephanie has also published work public expenditure for  gender, nutrition, climate change and child protection.