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Dr Fidelis Hove is a Consultant at OPM Pretoria.  At OPM, Fidelis has used survey data in the analysis of the structure of informal sector employment, funding of health and education, the costing of social protection initiatives in South Africa and other SADC countries. In addition to implementing surveys in South Africa and Lesotho, Fidelis has worked in Mozambique and South Africa on projects that developed social benefits costing models based on household (micro) data. Fidelis has been involved in institutional reform and capacity building exercises in many SADC countries and is currently part of a team giving technical support in the design, development and testing of core modules of operation of the Mozambique’s Basic Social Security Programmes to be integrated to a Management Information System. Prior to joining OPM, Fidelis lectured undergraduate micro and macro-economics courses at the University of Cape Town. Fidelis has also worked with the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit (SALDRU) where he carried qualitative and quantitative research and analysis of survey data including the KwaZulu Natal Income Dynamics Survey (KIDS) panels. His focus was on poverty, inequality and unemployment and one of the projects he worked on with SALDRU involved using survey data to look at poverty transitions in Vietnam and South Africa. He also worked as a researcher at the Centre for Social Sciences Research on projects investigating issues of inequality, poverty and HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe using the Young Adult Survey (YAS) and the Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS).
Lesotho Child Grants Programme (CGP) Impact Evaluation
Client: United Nations Children's Fund(UNICEF)
Completion Date: April 2014
Namibia Social Protection Floor Assessment
Client: International Labour Organisation
Completion Date: February 2014
Developing a social budget
Client: Government of Namibia
Completion Date: December 2013
South African Social Budget
Client: National Treasury, South Africa
Completion Date: September 2013