Supported by a multinational team of over 170 full-time specialists and over 40 associates, we offer the breadth and depth of expertise and experience needed to address complex issues.
• Over 180 specialist staff on three continents
• More than 30 different nationalities
• Over 40 internationally renowned associates
• Extensive analytical and technical expertise
• From economists and public finance experts to statisticians
• 70% have an MPhil or Masters and 25% a PhD
• Significant practical experience
• 50% of our consultants have over 10 years' field experience
• 45% have worked in more than 20 countries
• A balanced mix of ages
• 40% of our team are aged 25-35
• 55% are more than 35 years old
• Strong staff retention ensures continuity
• Annual staff turnover is low
• 35% of our consultants have worked with us for over 5 years
• A collegiate ethos
• Cross-cutting teams
• Globally networked
• An equal opportunities employer
• 53% of our staff are women
• One third of our female staff are senior consultants or higher
Philippe Naert

Our Board includes non-executive directors, as well as OPM staff representatives.

Public sector finance & management
Stephen Akroyd
Extensive first-hand experience of public sector finance and management in over 50 countries.
Economic policy
Stephen Akroyd
We've responded to our clients' changing needs by expanding into fields such as extractive industries.
Simon Hunt
Managing Director
80% of our management team have more than 20 years' experience in international development.
Social policy
Tomas Lievens

We've been addressing major social policy issues such as health since the 1980s.

Jessica Rhys-Griffith

Our 30-strong team of project managers and administrators enables us to offer our clients a fast, efficient service.

International offices
Abdur Rauf Khan
OPM Islamabad
All of our international offices are led by local nationals.
Statistics, evidence & accountability
Patrick Ward
The analytical rigour of our work lies at the heart of our ability to generate sustainable solutions.
Kevin Carr

We’re a financially robust firm that seeks to make the maximum impact for our clients, not the maximum profit for ourselves.