We focus on poverty analysis, policy analysis and participatory governance, underpinned by qualitative and quantitative techniques.

  • Poverty and policy analysis, particularly through frameworks which emphasise the multidimensional nature of poverty and draw on key concepts such as vulnerability and risk;
  • Conducting and supporting research and analysis of the distributional impacts of policy reforms and interventions on different stakeholder groups (i.e. how different groups benefit from or are disadvantaged by development projects, programmes and policies) and how these can be addressed and managed;
  • Supporting policy makers and implementers to analyse, understand and manage the specific political, institutional and social contexts within which they operate to improve policy design and implementation effectiveness;
  • Undertaking and supporting the use of participatory methods and processes to provide both quantitative and qualitative data for use in policy design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation. Participatory methods and processes aim to include citizens and service users in policy cycles and can help facilitate increased citizen voice and service provider accountability;