Policy expertise

Fiduciary Risk Assessment, Rwanda

Policy Area
DFID Rwanda
April - May 2008
OPM contact

OPM was contracted to deliver a Fiduciary Risk Assessment (FRA) as part of the country strategy planning processes. The primary objective of the FRA was to understand the fiduciary risk environment in Rwanda. The FRA also provided guidance on mitigating any significant risks to the proper use of funds and outlining a suitable process for monitoring performance. OPM was responsible for: agreeing a work plan with participating development partners, including the identification of interlocutors; becoming thoroughly conversant with DFID guidance on managing fiduciary risk, and that of other partners (if/where it differs from DFID’s approach); Becoming thoroughly conversant with the findings and conclusions of existing diagnostic materials, particularly the PEFA assessment; reaching an understanding of the PFMA system in Rwanda, and identifying and evaluating its strengths and weaknesses; assessing the overall level of fiduciary risk – including resilience to shocks, risk of corruption and the credibility of existing reform programmes; suggesting possible short-term safeguards where risks are not adequately addressed in existing reform programmes and setting out the pros and cons of using them; and outlining the options for monitoring future performance.

Portfolio Manager, Climate Change