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Monitoring and Evaluation of an Integrated Human Development Project, The Maldives

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OPM supported the monitoring and evaluation of a World Bank-financed development project strengthening health, education, employment and community development services on focus islands. The work included revising the logframe and indicators and developing the overall monitoring framework, together with the relevant line ministries. Citizen report cards and community score cards were used to monitor citizens’ satisfaction with services and so to track the progress of the project. OPM utlised a mixed-methods approach, combining individual questionnaires administered to a representative sample together with group-based scoring and discussion to provide greater depth of understanding about the responses (CSC). Routine administrative and inspection data were also used, including school enrolment, exam results, inspection reports and hospital utilisation data and a labour force survey was also supported. For some key measures, national data provided a source of comparison and an approximate control. OPM used this information to undertake independent but participatory mid-term and final evaluations, including an assessment of project impact. OPM also supported the development of a computerised project management information system to help the project implementation unit manage and monitor the project on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, we piloted the use of ultra-mobile PCs for field data collection on this project in partnership with our technology partner, CWEST. The new technology enhanced the speed and accuracy of data collection in comparison with conventional paper means.

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