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Public Finance Management and Social Policy for Better Outcomes for Children in Countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States

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United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
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The UNICEF Regional Office (Geneva) identified five focus areas for work with the Armenia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Tajikistan, Turkey and Ukraine country offices: 1) monitoring of the financial crisis and implications for child well-being; 2) social protection initiatives with a particular child poverty focus, including family-based systems modelling; 3) policy-based budgeting and resource allocation with regard to social sectors for better child outcomes; 4) cost/benefit analysis and costing of minimum packages of services for children initiatives in budget monitoring; and 5) civil society engagement for upholding child rights. Within these focus areas, OPM aimed to address the particular challenges related to supporting country offices through: common strategy development for each focus area, technical support, quality assurance, and monitoring of activities; distilling and synthesising emerging lessons and experience from the region; and, providing feedback and advice to the Regional Office to continue to refine the 'critical mass' regional strategy. The objectives were to develop a set of country-specific strategic frameworks to help country offices in implementing programme interventions in each critical mass focus area, through their partnerships with governments, development partners and civil society. This work also contributed to the development of knowledge on these areas of interest to UNICEF globally. OPM provided tailored and on-demand support for the country offices through the sharing of best practices, support and quality assurance of country-level interventions, and the facilitation of critical mass workshops and meetings to help country offices and the Regional Office benefit from the exchange of good practices and lessons learnt.

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