Policy expertise

Revising Monitoring Section in Economist's Guide

Policy Area
United Kingdom
Department for International Development (DFID)
June 2007
OPM contact

OPM reviewed the existing chapter “Output monitoring and performance impact assessment”, and identified all the relevant monitoring messages to be included in the new monitoring chapter. This covered the following topics: • Why monitor? Increased profile for monitoring and evaluation in DFID • What is the economist’s role? • What is the difference between monitoring and evaluation? • Monitoring of projects and programmes: linkage to logframe • Monitoring of country programmes: linkage to Country Assistance Plans • Monitoring of sector and thematic policies: linkage to Implementation Plans • Monitoring at the corporate level: linkage to 'the cascade'—the Millennium Development Goals, Public Service Agreement, Director’s Delivery Plan, and staff members’ performance management. • Developing appropriate indicators • Making the most of the available data—types of data; managing data constraints; use of national data systems • Developing country capacity for monitoring • Links to useful websites • Bibliography

Principal Consultant
Leader, Social Development