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Social Protection and HIV/AIDS Project: When Are Community-Level Interventions Appropriate?

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The World Bank intended to finance a study under a trust fund from the Bank Netherlands Partnership Program (BNPP). The study sought to assess the social and economic value of different types of support for AIDS affected households by developing a methodology that allows the comparison of benefits accrued by households receiving direct cash transfers with benefits for households living in communities receiving support other than cash transfers. The study contributed to the formulation of effective social protection strategies to reduce the deleterious impact of AIDS on poor households. OPM provided the following: -Generated systematic evidence on the costs and benefits of a sample of community based interventions aimed at helping households cope with AIDS-related shocks; -Developed innovative methods for assessing these interventions; -Strengthened the capacity of national researchers to undertake policy-relevant studies on AIDS and social protection within a Social Risk Management (SRM) framework; and -Disseminated the findings of the study to relevant decision-makers in the countries covered.

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