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Strategy for Primary Health Care in Underserved Rural Areas, Romania

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We provided technical assistance for developing a strategy for Primary Health Care in underserved rural areas in Romania and the Related Action Plan supported the development of a Primary Health Care Strategy for 2012-2020 and Action Plan for 2012-2013 through the transparent and participatory process, lead by the Ministry of Health, Romania. The work included the following initiatives: 1) Assessment of PHC needs and existing capacity; 2) Technical paper on the best practice for rural PHC development; 3) A Strategy for development of a Primary Care for 2012-2020; 4) Elaboration and costing of the PHC Action Plan; 5) Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for 2012-2013; 6) Recommendations on revision of regulations in support to PHC strategy and action Plan; 7) Recommendations on revision of purchasing mechanisms for primary care; 8) Recommendations on PC premises and equipment package.

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