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Vietnam Empowerment and Accountability Programme (VEAP), coalitions component (Inception Phase)

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OPM is part of a consortium led by Oxfam GB who implements the coalitions component of the Vietnam Empowerment and Accountability Programme (VEAP). VEAP was set up to foster and support coalitions working on issues of public concerns by providing support to NGOs, academia, think tanks, mass organisations and media to work with relevant government agencies and the National Assembly. The programme acknowledges that issue based coalitions need to grow organically and cannot solely be driven by outside programmes. While this presents a challenge for donor-funded programmes it opens the way for an approach that is grounded in a thorough understanding of the political economy. OPM is the consortium’s lead on the political economy analysis (PEA) intended not only to inform but to drive the programme design during the inception phase. A series of analytical steps are undertaken to understand the potential space for coalitions and identify themes or sectors for issue-based coalitions supported under VEAP. The PEA approach is designed to move from a broad understanding of the governance context in Vietnam (the macro-level analysis) to identifying key themes and sectors, and finally to the selection of specific issue-based coalitions within these themes and sectors. OPM is also leading the programme’s monitoring and evaluation component. VEAP’s gender sensitive monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) framework will provide a basis for coordinating activities and information flows, assessing the degree to which VEAP and the coalitions it supports have an impact on policy debates, processes and implementation (at various levels) in Vietnam, and facilitating learning. The overall MEL system will have four core functions: Internal programme monitoring to inform management and lesson learning; Contributing robust evidence of VEAP results from issue-based coalition support, projects and policy advocacy activities; Contributing evidence and lessons to national and global debates on empowerment, voice and accountability plus coalition building and supporting approaches; and, Accountability to a number of different stakeholders (including local citizens and civil society, government (at various levels), DFID, etc).

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