Our expertise spans the entire policy cycle, from analyzing problems and the strategic options through to implementation and evaluation, enabling us to provide integrated, bespoke solutions.
• A world leader in household surveys
• Also service delivery and expenditure tracking surveys
• Rigorous methodologies for collecting and analyzing the data
• Social and economic impact assessments
• Ex ante and ex post
• Quantitative and qualitative techniques
• Nearly 30 years’ experience in social protection
• Expertise ranges from scoping options to cash transfers
• See our work for UNICEF in Senegal
• A comprehensive approach to public financial management
• From setting results-based objectives to ensuring accountability
• More than 30 PFM projects conducted across the globe
• Aid policy evaluations for bilateral and multilateral agencies
• Independent, rigorous and evidence-based
• Clients have ranged from Irish Aid and SIDA to UNDP
Diagnosing policy issues

Rigorous methodologies for collecting and analysing data enable us to identify the root of the policy issue.

Governance & organisational reform
We provide a broad range of public management and accountability services, from performance mangement to organisational development.
Identifying strategic options
We take a holistic view of the strategic options, including their budgetary, organizational and political constraints and trade-offs.
Evaluation & monitoring

Our evaluations include large-scale surveys, econometric studies and participatory techniques, among other approaches. 

Public financial management
Our approach to PFM is rooted in a deep understanding of the institutional and organisational requirements of a modern public sector budget process.
Project management
OPM has demonstrated its ability to manage a wide range of projects, large and small, national and multinational.