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Previous editions

  • April 2021
    • Making Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) work for global development.
    • Building a resilient frontline health workforce in India.
    • Impact of Covid-19 on non-state schools in Pakistan.
  • February 2021
    • Post-Covid recovery: the role of bilateral donors in supporting multilateral finance.
    • Eight lessons for remote qualitative data collection.
    • Overcoming barriers to Covid-19 vaccination.
  • December 2020
    • Interactive covid-19 decision support tool.
    • After the pandemic: the economic impact on low-income countries.
    • Guide to epidemiological modelling of Covid-19.
  • October 2020
    • How to adapt impact evaluations during Covid-19.
    • Covid Act Two: six questions governments and leaders need to answer.
    • Economic Development & Institutions (EDI) Covid essays.
  • September 2020
    • What can we learn about policy implementation from the covid crisis?
    • Economic threats to low-income countries.
    • South Africa’s preschools are under threat – what can be done?
  • August 2020
    • Covid Act Two: Look beyond your borders to navigate what comes next.
    • Core competencies and public health managers.
    • Will Covid-19 mean the end of low-fee private schools?
  • July 2020
    • After the pandemic: a global UK?
    • Covid in Africa: a smouldering crisis.
    • Governance in a joined-up world? The UK's DFID/FCO merger.
  • June 2020
    • Policy in Pandemics podcast.
    • Effective teams in uncertain environments.
    • Insights from modelling policy options.
  • May 2020
    • Five lessons for local government.
    • Cases, deaths, and lock-downs.
    • OPM pivots support in Pakistan.