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Our Associates Network

Our Associates Network is a collaborative initiative bringing sector experts from outside Oxford Policy Management into our “family” to help us better deliver on our mission.

We know that it is through strong, mutually supportive partnerships that our work will be able to have the biggest impact. We want to work with the very best experts in their fields and our Associates Network enables long-term collaborations with these professionals, bringing different perspectives and knowledge that will help us in achieving our mission to help low- and middle-income countries achieve growth and reduce poverty and disadvantage.

Individuals are invited to become an Associate based on their specialisms and experience, their working history with Oxford Policy Management, and their commitment to our mission and values.

The Network offers a two-year tenure, giving our Associates the opportunity to work on our projects as valued contractors. As ‘approved partners’, Associates are free to work with other companies during their tenure with us without the constraints of an exclusive relationship. Associates are invited to our organisational events and are able to collaborate with our own sector experts for discussions on topics of joint interest.

Through the Associates Network, we benefit from our Associates strategic advice and external perspective, a greater diversity of experience, and a larger knowledge and relationship network. These long-standing collaborations and respected relationships help us to innovate, support the development of our staff, and help our work delivers the greatest impact.