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Ghana should invest more to protect farmers from malaria, and other news (18 Dec 2018)

From improving the resilience of smallholder farmers in Ghana to exploring how development aid can affect migrations

Every Tuesday we highlight some of the international development stories from across the globe that have caught our attention.

  • Ghanaian Government has been urged to invest more in malaria prevention to help preserve agricultural expansion and help boost food productivity in the country. Smallholder agriculture workers can lose up to 22 days of work due to illness. Read more at Modern Ghana.
  • Pakistan’s provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa developed a plan for reforming the public financial management systems in the province. The World Bank has announced it will support the implementation of the reform through a new financing instrument. Read more at Dawn (Pakistan).
  • How does development aid affect migration? Mauro Lanati and Rainer Thiele from MEDAM discuss how boosting public services in a country can deter migrations, however, show that the investment needed to lower emigration rates is almost unreachable. Read more at News Deeply.
  • More than 2000 children under the age of five still day on a daily basis in Nigeria, as the country struggles to improve maternal and infant mortality rates. The data from Lagos suggest improvements have been made, but what can be done to sustain it? Read more at Nigerian Tribune.