How to build institutional capacity to tackle climate change?

OPM’s Action on Climate Today launches new framework to help countries enhance climate resilience

Most countries struggle to manage climate change, as it poses many diverse challenges to governments around the world: it affects many sectors, varies in scale and complexity, and requires both quick actions and long-term planning. Tackling it successfully and sustainably requires unified action from different stakeholders. However, many low- and middle-income countries are struggling to build institutional capabilities required to deal with climate change across all levels of government.

The Action on Climate Today (ACT) programme has launched an innovative framework aimed at strengthening institutional climate capabilities. This framework, published in a recent ACT learning paper, proposes a set of characteristics that institutions should possess in order to effectively respond to climate change, including acting on foresight, learning and adapting, accessing resources, and using incentives to trigger change.

This framework draws upon the learnings from the ACT programme, which works at the national and sub-national level in five counties in south Asia to mainstream climate change into policies, plans, and budgets, better leverage climate finance, and strengthen resilience.

Read full report on Building institutional capacity for enhancing resilience to climate change here and discover key highlights in a learning brief here.

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