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Improving gender equality in Jamaica, and other news (13 March 2020)

Improving gender equality in Jamaica, and OPM's Data Management and Analytics Capabilities programme launch a new toolkid for financial serivce providors

Each week we highlight some of the international development stories from across the globe that have caught our attention:

  • The OPM implemented Data Management and Analytics Capabilities (DMAC) programme has launched a new toolkit to help financial service providers (FSPs) navigate data and transform their businesses. The programme aims to improve financial inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa by enhancing the capabilities of FSPs to develop innovative new business models. Read more on our website.
  • A study conducted by India Spend and OPM has found that dissatisfaction amongst childcare workers in Bihar is predominantly caused by low and delayed salaries. With childcare facilities providing essential healthcare and nutrition for children, India Spend examines how initiatives in Kerala and Tamil are reducing dissatisfaction for workers. Read more in India Spend.
  • $2,500,00 is being provided by USAID to support the COVID-19 response in Bangladesh, aiming to strengthen infection prevention, along with improving health facilities and risk awareness. $37 million in financing from USAID is being given to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in 25 countries. Read more in The Daily Star.
  • DFID have provided a supercomputer to help track an ‘unprecedented’ locust outbreak in Kenya, which is predicted to consume enough crops to feed 35,000 people. The computer uses early warning systems, such as extensive weather forecasting, to predict the areas at risk from locusts. Read more in Gadgets Now (India).
  • A forum held by the Canadian High Commission in Jamaica and the Institute of Law and Economics last week, highlighted the improvements made toward gender equality in Jamaica, which ranks 24th globally for economic participation and opportunity for women. The forum focused on the ‘Strengthening Case Management Ecosystems’ project being run by the Institute, which aims to support girls and young women reintegrating into society after leaving correctional facilities. Read more in Jamaica Observer.
  • A campaign is being launched in Tanzania to end the stigma for people living with HIV and Tuberculosis, in order to increase the number receiving treatment. It is hoped that by 2025 the campaign will ensure 95% of Tanzanians living with HIV to know their status, with a further 95% then receiving treatment. Read more in IPP Media.
  • USAID has held the first YOUth Innovate! Summit in Mindanao, Philippines, bringing together 250 youth leaders to highlight innovative youth-led ideas for rebuilding displaced and host communities following the 2017 conflict in Marawi. Read more in Manila Times.