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Including smaller enterprises in the Kenyan oil and gas sector, and other news (15 May 2018)

From policy on inclusive growth in Kenya's oil and gas sector to more protection for people with albinism in Malawi

Every Tuesday we highlight some of the international development stories from across the globe that have caught our attention.

  • Kenya’s National Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a workshop looking at ways to include micro-, small, and medium enterprises in the oil and gas sector. The workshop follows the production of a working policy on oil and gas by KNCCI and OPM’s Kenya Extractives Programme (K-EXPRO), looking to increase information and awareness, capacity building, access to finance, and infrastructure support, and to improve on a legal and regulatory framework. Read more in Oil News Kenya.
  • Scaling up public-private partnerships will help Pakistan meet its rising infrastructure development needs – one of the agreements made by ADB and the Government of Pakistan during a consultation workshop. Read more in the Pakistan Observer.
  • After a World Bank Group visit to Nigeria, they have commended the nation’s economic performance and growth. The visit was to gain a better understanding of Nigeria’s development priorities, particularly in the energy sector. Read more in The Guardian (Nigeria).
  • The UN has called for more support and protection for people with albinism in Malawi. The Executive board President of United Nations Women, Ivana Pajevic, has spoken of the need for awareness meetings across the country, as abductions and murders of people with albinism increase. Read more in Nyasa Times.
  • What happens when you give every adult in a Kenyan village $22 a month? A BBC report explores how a ‘universal basic income’ might function. Listen on BBC iPlayer (NB may not be available in all countries).
  • The government of Nepal has stated that nationalism and economic development are its priorities – with the latter likely to be funded significantly by China’s aid policy, including various infrastructure projects. Read more in the Kathmandu Post.