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PressforProgress: showcasing the women we work with

Celebrating International Women's Day

Started by the Suffragettes in the early 1900s, International Women’s Day is a day to recognise women, celebrate women, and acknowledge the situations that women across the world face. Findings from last year’s World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report highlight that — in line with current trends of change –achieving gender parity will take over 200 years. And, whilst we know that the shift towards gender parity will not happen overnight, it is up to all of us to press for progress to accelerate this change.

At Oxford Policy Management, gender is a big part of what we do, whether explicitly in our objectives, or implicitly through the people that we work with and the issues that we encounter. This year, we want to showcase the women who we work with and for, the women who every day — in spite of often finding themselves in difficult contexts, and within challenging structures (formal and informal) — press for progress.

Below is a selection of women we’ve met in our work around the world, and the stories they have to tell about their lives. (In the interests of anonymity, photos and quotes used are not necessarily from the same person.)

Banner credit: Dennis Wegewijs, Shutterstock