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Our approach

Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the complete policy cycle, and we combine our analytical and academic thinking with practical experience and application, to ensure our work delivers tangible impact.

Our focus on lasting impact steers everything we do, from the projects we work on to the way we structure our organisation. We work collaboratively with our clients and partners to shape projects in a way that leads to lasting, positive change and builds local capabilities over the long term.

To maximise our impact, we measure and assess our work internally, to learn from it and to remain true to our mission of enabling workable public policy in low- and middle-income countries. Learning and knowledge sharing is deeply rooted in our culture, and analytical rigour is in our DNA, a result of our academic background as part of the University of Oxford. We build the evidence to inform choices, properly backing up our research and combining it with practical know-how.

Our methodology is firmly rooted in a complete understanding of working across the policy cycle. From researching the key drivers of a problem through to implementing the chosen policy, and monitoring and evaluating progress, this holistic approach enables us to provide integrated support which is both practically and politically feasible – essential ingredients for long-term change.

Our combination of analytical and academic thinking with practical experience and strong project management allows us to innovate – and seek opportunities that push the boundaries. This means originating ideas for projects in partnership with governments and funders as well as being reactive to need. It means engaging with the latest research and ideas to open up new areas of development and proposing changes to ensure our work delivers real impact.

We strive to be a diverse and inclusive workplace for all our employees across the globe, ensuring a culture and environment exists which is free of discrimination and bias. We aspire to reflect and embody this through our behaviours, practices, and language. Diversity and inclusion in all forms is central to the success of our work and our ability to fulfil our purpose to improve lives through sustainable policy change.