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Urban development

Urbanisation presents many challenges and opportunities. Our experts are able to support governments in negotiating these through innovative urban planning, management abilities and techniques, and a progressive policy environment.

Over half the world’s population is now urban and this is expected to increase to two-thirds by 2050. Projections show an additional 2.5 billion people will then live in urban areas, with more than 90% concentrated in Asia and Africa. Urbanisation has helped millions escape poverty through increased productivity, employment opportunities, and investment in infrastructure and services. However, managing the attendant social and environmental challenges of urbanisation is shaping into one of the most important development challenges of the 21st century.

We work at all stages of urban policy development, whether exploratory research, project implementation and feasibility studies, technical assistance and capacity building, or monitoring and evaluation for adaptive programming. We specialise in service delivery, urban economics, urban climate resilience, governance and institutional support, and urban social protection.

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