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Evidence uptake

Good evidence uptake helps us to ensure our work is well-communicated, understood, and used by policymakers and other stakeholders to drive sustainable policy reform. Facilitating the consumption and use of evidence, tailored to different stakeholders’ needs, is of crucial importance in scaling up the impact of our statistical and research work.

Evidence uptake is not simply about the results of research and analysis, and how they may be best communicated. To ensure evidence use, planning for subsequent uptake starts at a project’s outset. It is also critical to facilitate early discussions with governments, academics, and funders about the future use of results, and build mutual consensus on the policy-relevant questions for research and the kind of evidence needed to answer them.

We established a Research Uptake Hub to promote innovative approaches and the tailored and accessible dissemination of results and findings. In this way we are looking to improve existing capacity, implement better research uptake strategies, and systematically monitor our results.

Our dissemination strategies include data visualisations to make results and finding more accessible and understandable for relevant stakeholders. We use infographics, charts, and dashboards in different stages of evaluations – from monitoring fieldwork to communicating findings – to inform our research work.

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