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While surveys provide rich insights for policymakers, they can also be complex and challenging to conduct. We have extensive experience in delivering large-scale surveys to provide the insights governments need.

To generate reliable data, careful attention has to be paid to a wide variety of issues. These include planning and consultations, designing and sampling questionnaires, data processing, and data quality control mechanisms. In the light of this complexity it is not surprising that many large-scale surveys run into difficulties, undermining the quality of the data collected. One of the common pitfalls is that surveys tend to be overly long, complicated, and ambitious. In addition, they often do not follow internationally accepted standards or allow for comparison with data collected through similar surveys in the same country or neighbouring regions.

Drawing on our experience of conducting hundreds of robust surveys across the globe, we can quickly identify the most appropriate methods, procedures, and instruments to fit requirements. We deliver the entire life cycle of quantitative surveys, from design and planning to implementation, data entry, analysis, and dissemination.

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