Governments are at the heart of public policy reform. To effect change, government structures, systems and processes must be efficient, effective, accountable, and transparent. We work with governments to enable evidence-based policymaking and resource decision-making that supports economic growth and the reduction of poverty and disadvantage.

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Our teams

Public sector governance

Our work is based on a recognition of the practical dimensions of public service delivery where resources are limited and government systems need updating or reforming. To facilitate change, we work with reformers in and outside government to understand and address the constraints that limit a government’s abilities. A range of political analysis and political economy tools mean our programmes can adapt to changing political conditions. We have extensive experience in working on institutional reforms and organisation change (including policy, process, structures, and behaviours). Our approach blends rigorous analysis with pragmatism and experience, and a commitment to working closely with public servants to bring about real change.

Public finance

Strong public financial management systems underpin inclusive state institutions that better deliver public services and promote long-term poverty reduction and economic growth. Adopting a problem-driven approach, we design context-specific public finance reforms to translate governments’ ambitions into outcomes.

Democracy, conflict, and peacebuilding  

Social and economic disadvantage is increasingly concentrated in the world’s most fragile and conflict-affected situations. Delivering impact in these contexts requires different ways of working to take account of complex social dynamics and governance, logistical, and ethical challenges.

Policy implementation

Social and economic growth aren’t possible unless policies are effectively implemented. We have experience designing systems to drive performance with government, including delivery units, policy units, and performance management systems. We recognise that the best approach to policy implementation is dependent on context, with a full understanding of the formal and informal structures of government.

Voice and accountability

We prioritise supporting accountability and inclusivity, making sure that processes and delivery are citizen-oriented and transparent. This takes myriad forms, from developing a strategy that ensures a more equitable delivery of social assistance services to assessing the adequacy of the financial resources available for child protection funding.