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The fourth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal sets the target of ‘inclusive and equitable quality of education’ for all. We work with governments, in partnership with donors, practitioners, or the private sector, to deliver effective education to achieve this ambition.

Despite impressive progress towards this Sustainable Development Goal, many millions remain out of school and, in school, many social inequalities negatively impact learning. This can limit opportunities for girls, children from poorer families, children with disabilities, and marginalised ethnic and language groups. We seek to improve the access of all children to school, the inclusiveness of education in school, and the participation of marginalised people in education policy and processes.

To raise learning levels and prepare students for today’s fast-changing world, most countries need radical and rapid transformation of their education systems. We help governments navigate these transformations by thinking through educational priorities, identifying options for reform, and leading world-class research. Our experience in education metrics and education financing means we can also support policymakers to improve their programming and management systems efficiently, sustainably, and cost-effectively.

Interventions in early life are also crucial for educational impact. We help governments understand the opportunities and challenges of providing support to early childhood development as a foundation for lifelong capability.

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