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OPML Indonesia

Our office in Indonesia aims to build national capabilities and support effective policy making in the country to support long-term positive change in sectors from climate change to social welfare.

South-east Asia is a dynamic region with some of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Countries in this region are faced with the challenge of fostering inclusive, low-carbon growth and the equitable scaling up of essential services. We have worked in south-east Asia for over 20 years, supporting governments in understanding and tackling these problems. Our first project in Indonesia started in 2006, with our office opening in 2011.

Our Indonesia Office works on projects that tackle deforestation and climate change, local economic development, and social welfare. Our projects include those involving surveys and primary data collection, impact evaluations (including use of quantitative research methods and analysis), market research, and political economy analysis for key sectors.

We have been leading the implementation and management of several long-term projects in partnership with the Government of Indonesia and its development partners. We work in a collaboration with Government and all our partners – locally and internationally – to solve policy problems to enhance knowledge and capacity.