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Cora Mezger

Official Statistics team leader

Official Statistics team leader

Cora Mezger leads the Official Statistics team. In her work, she supports national statistical offices and other government institutions to improve the availability and quality of data and enhance their use. With an interdisciplinary background in economics, demographic research, and statistics, she has more than 10 years of experience in providing capacity building in statistics and research methods, designing data collections, and analysing survey, census, administrative, and monitoring data.

She has worked across a range of sectors, with particular expertise in education, labour market, international trade, and migration statistics as well as data quality reviews and assessments. Until recently, she managed the Statistical Transformation and Quality Improvement project with the Indonesian Statistical Office and currently leads data quality assessment projects in Nigeria (nutrition) and Tanzania (family planning).

Prior to joining OPM, Cora worked for five years in survey research projects at the French National Demographic Institute. During three years at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), she supported universities and research institutes in strengthening teaching and research of international trade statistics as well as research uptake. Cora holds a PhD in Economics, a Master's degree in Development Economics, and a Spanish-German double degree in International Business.