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Ian MacAuslan

Education team leader

Education team leader

Ian MacAuslan leads our Education team, based in Myanmar and working across Central Asia, South Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. He supports governments and their partners to improve education systems and learning for all, and to reduce poverty and disadvantage. Ian leads programmes providing technical assistance, research and evaluation – in Nigeria, he is working on a five-year programme of evaluation, data and research on education, which covers the education system, teacher management and development, private sector education, and girls’ education.

Ian is also currently directing the monitoring and research of an education improvement programme in Sierra Leone. In India, he is leading an evaluation of a five-year initiative to improve child protection outcomes in two states. He is directing the evaluation of a £400m programme of education support in Punjab, Pakistan, and working on a technical assistance programme in Uganda.

As a former member of our Board of Directors, Ian helped to pioneer and develop our approach to measuring the impact of our work.