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Kari Selander

Kari Lipschutz Selander is the Director of our United States office. Her work in the US focuses on building partnerships with mission-aligned development organisations. She oversees our office’s portfolio of work, including strategic research and advisory services, monitoring and evaluation systems design, and independent evaluations. She is also the Director of our Oxford Policy Fellowship Programme, an innovative not-for-profit initiative to support governments with law and public policy technical assistance.

Kari’s consultancy work focuses on natural resource governance, political economy programming, and law and development. In the course of her work, Kari has engaged with bilateral and multilateral donors, international financial institutions, private foundations and the governments of Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Namibia, Malawi, Djibouti, Zanzibar, Punjab, among others.

Prior to her current role, Kari was a European Commission Marie Curie research fellow and a visiting research fellow at Columbia Law School’s Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (now CCSI), as well as UCLA’s Department of Political Science, working on fuel subsidies. Her doctoral research at SOAS focusses on access to environmental justice in Nigeria in the context of the government’s economic dependence on oil.

Projects by Kari Selander