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Abigail Carpio

Maria Abigail (Aby) Carpio has extensive experience in the study of markets and financial systems in a wide range of countries. She has worked across teams at OPM to develop financial inclusion strategies for several countries in Africa. Aby’s work includes a strong focus on rural and agricultural finance. She managed a project in Zambia to facilitate the implementation of a wholesale credit facility for contracted small-scale production. She recently prepared a synthesis of the evidence on financing mechanisms for agribusiness development (covering Asia, Latin America and Eastern and Central Europe) for DFID. Aby assisted the government of Rwanda in designing and implementing a Challenge Fund to help finance the acquisition of assets by very poor households, and worked on an extensive study of the rural financial services market in Tanzania.

Aby’s work in supporting the development of the agricultural sector is grounded upon her knowledge and understanding of the livelihoods of poor households, the dynamics of informal markets, and the use of cash and management of income-generating activities among poor households in rural areas. She also specialises in the access and usage of financial services by the very poor, exploring the links between social protection schemes and financial services.