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Simon Brook

Social Development team leader

Social Development team leader

Simon leads our Social Development team. He has over 20 years’ experience across a range of development sectors and contexts, including agriculture and rural development, agrarian reform, local governance, participatory planning, and humanitarian emergencies.

Simon is an experienced manager of large, multi-national and multi-disciplinary teams; he managed an evaluation of the impact and influence of country-led poverty and social impact analyses on national policy processes for the United Nations Development Programme, along with evaluations and analyses for projects run by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund, the World Bank, and UNICEF.

Simon’s current work focuses on institutional, gender, social,and political economy analyses, and their practical application and integration into programme and policy processes. He also works on projects looking at voice, empowerment and accountability, citizen participation, and engagement, and carries out monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment.

Simon has an MSc (Econ) in Social Development Planning and Management, with distinction.