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Yadaira Orsini

Conflict, Security, and Violence team leader

Conflict, Security, and Violence team leader

Yadaira Orsini is a political scientist who heads up our Conflict, Security, and Violence team.

She has considerable experience as a researcher and practitioner on conflict, development and human rights, and a detailed understanding of approaches to conflict-sensitive development. She has worked with governments and the private sector in countries throughout Latin America, Africa (including Uganda, Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo), Europe, Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines, and remotely on projects involving Afghanistan, Nigeria, Myanmar, Syria, and Lebanon.

Her work addresses development challenges in areas of conflict, including drug trafficking, disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration processes, and building state capacity after conflicts.

Prior to joining us, Yadaira was Head of economic development for peace at International Alert, where she recently generated evidence that either corroborated or challenged some of the assumptions in DFID’s Stability Framework.Yadaira holds a Master’s degree in Security Studies from the Superior School of War (Colombia), and a BA in Political Science and International Relations from Pontifical Xaverian University (Colombia).