A capacity building report on Rwanda's public sector

We helped produce the first of a series of annual reports on capacity building in the public sector, for the Public Sector Capacity Building Secretariat (PSCBS).

Project team members


  • Andrew Wyatt

The assignment aimed to provide a strategic outlook on capacity building across five sectors (agriculture, education, decentralisation, health, and infrastructure) for the financial year 2010-2011, ultimately with the aim of improving the coordination, alignment, and effectiveness of aid for capacity building in Rwanda.

Document review, data collection tools, and interviews were used to capture information on capacity building activities in order to produce a series of overarching messages on capacity building activities, lessons learned, objectives, and challenges.

The findings of the research were presented at a workshop for stakeholders in Kigali. The final analytical report also contained strategic advice to PSCBS on improving systems and processes of data capture to facilitate future production of similar reports.

We worked alongside PSCBS staff as much as possible to facilitate skills transfer and capacity building within the Secretariat.


Areas of expertise