Catalysing private investments in low carbon infrastructure: Green Growth Equity Fund Technical Cooperation Facility

We are working with governments and partners to address barriers to private investments in Indian green infrastructure and expand inclusive markets through policy analysis, investor engagement, convenings and partnerships.

To achieve its growth aspirations and realise the Sustainable Development Goals, India needs to create hundreds of millions of jobs, achieve sustainable production and management of water, food and energy and support large-scale social transformation including demographic change and urbanisation. These transformations will require major investments in infrastructure. The National Infrastructure Plan estimates that India will require investments of US$5.4 trillion by 2030. The economic repercussions from the Covid-19 pandemic are likely to increase the emphasis on crowding in private investment in clean energy in order to realise government ambitions.

The Green Growth Equity Fund Technical Cooperation Facility (GGEF TCF) aims to catalyse private investments into Indian green infrastructure projects.  We are leading a consortium of PwC, Arup, Vivid Economics, and the UK India Business Council to deliver the project.

The GGEF TCF supports a flexible portfolio of technical assistance in developing and strengthening the pipeline of investable projects, tackling policy and regulatory barriers, and strengthening poverty and social benefits, while drawing from international expertise on expanding green markets. It is funded by the UK Government.


The GGEF TCF provides technical assistance to address policy regulation and implementation gaps in select sectors and subsectors, capacity gaps of government and institutions, market gaps, and finance and partnership gaps that hinder private investment in green growth in India.


Key outcomes will be markets expanded, new and inclusive markets established, reduced market failure due to policy, regulations, and financial barriers, greater national and international partnerships, and increased capital flows that contribute to new innovations in markets or technology.

Areas of expertise