Developing course module for the Education Finance Policy Academy

We developed an interactive learning module on Global Education Finance Data as part of the World Bank’s new Education Finance Policy Academy professional development programme.

Project team members

The Education Finance Policy Academy (EFPA) is a modular professional development course designed to equip World Bank staff, policy makers and practitioners in developing countries with foundational knowledge on the core elements of education finance – specifically:

  1. the importance and challenges of mobilizing adequate resources for education;
  2. what tools and approaches can improve spending efficiency;
  3. what policies and measures promotes equitable resource use; and
  4. the theory and practice of results-based financing in education.  

The course was launched by the World Bank in July 2022. Our education team developed one of the core modules for this course on the topic of global education finance data.


Developing countries are investing heavily in education systems and providing their children and youth with unprecedented levels of access to education. But it is still not enough. Achieving national education goals will require additional financial commitments over the coming years. No less important is ensuring that these resources are used effectively by reducing spending inefficiencies common in many education systems. World Bank works in partnership with countries to address these challenges so that educational opportunities can be delivered in a financially feasible and sustainable way.

We developed both content and learning approach for one of the core introductory modules for the EFPA course on the topic of global education finance data (usage and application).


The course was designed to be delivered online with asynchronous content to meet the needs of learners from across the globe with different levels of access to technology, and varying schedules. While the course content covers the relevant theoretical concepts, the emphasis is on engaging the learner through practical application and interactive materials.

Our module covered the following key topics:

(i) why is global finance data important;

(ii) key data sources and where to find them; and

(iii) national education accounts.

It included quizzes, exercises based on real data, videos with key experts, and opportunities for reflection. This was accompanied by written material for reference and optional further reading. It was designed to be completed in approximately two hours.

A design firm with expertise in developing interactive online courses worked with our content to produce the final online version of the module, to ensure consistency in format across the course modules.


Enrolment of the first batch of learners took place in late June 2022, and the EFPA course was launched in July 2022. Feedback from this first group of learners will be used to improve the course for subsequent participants.

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