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Development of the National Social Protection Policy M&E Framework

Designing a framework for the National Social Protection Policy in Zambia to enable comprehensive and coordinated monitoring and evaluation across the social protection sector.


Tom Pellens, Marta Marzi

The 2014 National Social Protection Policy (NSPP) is part of an ongoing process of expanding and better coordinating social protection programmes in Zambia. The Sixth National Development Plan (R-SNDP) identified social protection as a key investment sector, and spelled out specific target groups such as low capacity and incapacitated households, and persons with a disability.

This project designed a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework for the NSPP that aimed to enable comprehensive and coordinated M&E across the social protection sector. Its priority uses were:

  • providing aid in the planning and implementation of social protection programmes by providing a structure for what the Government of Zambia wants to achieve within the social protection sector (as defined by the NSPP);
  • monitoring and evaluating progress towards the implementation of the NSPP; and
  • assisting with decision making and building of consensus, coordination, and ownership around social protection policies and programmes.

Our approach

The development of the NSPP M&E framework follows an M&E systems approach that incorporates both supply- and demand-side considerations, is results based, and is founded on a comprehensive understanding of the social protection context in Zambia.

Specific services we provided include:

  • conducting a comprehensive situational analysis of the social protection sector, its institutional context, existing M&E processes, key stakeholders’ informational needs, and data availability;
  • developing a sector-wide, stakeholder-validated results framework;
  • developing a monitoring framework defining how to measure progress towards key activities and results;
  • developing a data capture tool that will be used to collect monitoring data at district, provincial, and national levels;
  • developing an evaluation concept note that guides the planning of NSPP evaluation; and,
  • developing implementation guidelines for the 2015 Joint Annual Review of the social protection sector.


As a result of this project, stakeholders in the social protection sector in Zambia were better equipped to monitor and evaluate progress of NSPP results and implementation, and coordinate and harmonise their efforts.

Better monitoring and evaluation capabilities also allow for continuous programme improvements, ultimately meaning programmes make a larger positive impact on Zambian citizens.