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Evaluating the Lady Health Worker Programme


LHW, Georgina Rawle, Iftikhar Cheema, Ludovico Carraro, Sarah Javeed, Shafique Arif, Simon Hunt

Under the direction of and in collaboration with the National Coordinator of the Lady Health Worker (LHW) Programme, we designed and completed an evaluation of the programme with the following objectives:

  • to provide the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders with accurate, credible, and usable information on the performance of the LHW Programme;
  • to examine changes in the programme performance since the third evaluation in 2001;
  • to explore the determinants of this performance;
  • to document the socio-economic benefits to the LHWs and Lady Health Supervisors (LHS), their families and communities of working with the programme; and
  • to provide findings and policy options which enable the programme to further strengthen its performance.

The key outputs we delivered included:

  • a final report in which the key findings and policy options are summarised;
  • provincial reports for Punjab, Sindh, the North West Frontier Province, and Balochistan; 
  • quantitative and qualitative reports; 
  • management and systems review; 
  • economic and financial analysis; and
  • a report on the socio-economic benefits and experience of LHW and LHS.

These reports were presented in one national and four provincial workshops.