Impact evaluation of Project Ujjwal

Evaluating public private partnerships' delivery of family planning and reproductive health services

We are part of a consortium working with the Governments of Bihar and Odisha to leverage public private partnerships (PPPs) to deliver family planning and reproductive health services. Whilst the public health system has shown tremendous progress in recent years, women only tend to enter the system when they become pregnant, and the system prioritises non-reversible sterilisation (limiting), meaning that the key reproductive health window is missed and there is considerable unmet need for contraception.

The team is therefore looking to help the Government leverage private sector resources to complement the public health system, both on the supply side (through quality assurance, social franchising and social marketing) and on the demand side (demand side financing and behavioural change communication). OPM are responsible for designing demand side financing options, developing systems for community monitoring and undertaking a rigorous and pioneering cost effectiveness analysis and impact evaluation of the programme as a whole.

The impact evaluation shall also be supplemented by in depth qualitaitve analysis to understand demand side constraints alongside operational reviews to inform implementation during the course of the programme.

Areas of expertise