Mining benefits study, Tanzania

Tanzania’s mining industry has played a pivotal role in the country’s economic growth over the last 15 years. But the success at the national level risks obscuring the challenges faced by the local communities around mines - where, despite the best efforts of the mining companies, there is considerable dissatisfaction with the industry.

Our study examines the roots of this dissatisfaction – highlighting in particular the lack of employment opportunities that mining has provided – and provides concrete recommendations for translating the national gain into local benefit.

Our approach

We undertook a clear and objective appraisal of large-scale mining‘s contributions and impacts in Tanzania, based on both quantitative and qualitative evidence.

This report analyses the social and economic benefits from mining in selected regions, together with the perceptions of local communities regarding these benefits.


The report’s recommendations range from better defining roles and responsibilities between government and large-scale mining to building economic growth poles around mining sites.

A community relations manager from one of the companies that voluntarily participated in the study said they believed the research was balanced and created opportunities for further studies in the future.

Areas of expertise